Mist Island

A little thing called destiny

Whenever destiny is involved, one's life is completely changed.

Trixie Rose is no exception. After receiving a phone call from an estranged uncle, Trixie finds herself whisked away to Mist Island, a place filled with mystery and superstition.

While there, Trixie stumbles upon a portal and makes a discovery far beyond her wildest dreams: the world of Quarteze.

But, every discovery has its flaws.

An enemy from Quarteze's past has come for revenge, and the war of light and dark has begun anew. With the powers of magic gone, the world is slowly falling into the grasp of the Shadow One. With the help of her two new friends, Trixie must find the fabled Twilight Falcon and destroy the Shadow One once and for all.

The clock is ticking . . .





Sequel to Mist Island

In its petals, it holds life; and, in its thorns, it holds death. It has been over a year since the adventures of Mist Island, and Trixie Rose is slowly settling into her old life. However, on the night of her sixteenth birthday, she receives a phone call from her Uncle Alfred who has many secrets to tell. Not only has he created the first transdimensional teleporter, but he has successfully sent video cameras to another world, Orcania.

However, Orcania is not a peaceful place. From a video feed, Trixie sees Starla and Leo desperately needing help. The world is at war over a rose, the Sapphire Rose to be exact. Legend says whoever posesses the Sapphire Rose rules Orcania. This is exactly what Dirdrom plans to achieve with his captive, Glade, Quarteze's spirits of plants.

Trixie must join her friends and find the Sapphire Rose before it is too late. However, Trixie soon learns an important rule about this new world... In Orcania, nothing is what it seems.




Tales From the Darkside

What would you do if you were talking to a merchant who sold mutilated corpses while his partner measured you for the next grisly batch? What if you were faced with a bomb-happy ghost whose goal is to blast you into the sky? What if you were stuck patrolling the famous Picasso paintings that love to frighten people?

Those don't scare you enough? Then perhaps a black widow who just killed her husband would suffice or maybe a grandmother, who believes ancient voodoo will bring her husband back from the dead, is your cup of tea. If those are not enough to entice you, would a plant that could show you your death be of interest?

Tales of the Darkside is a collection of gothic short stories. These twelve stories encompass both the thrills and the chills of the Gothic Tradition. You will laugh while chills travel up your spine. For those who are brave of heart or adventurous, read on...if you dare.




My Name is Charlie

My Name is Charlie tells the story of a dog named Charlie during his time at the pound. Charlie wonders why he is there and, like any good dog, what he did wrong. Through Charlie's eyes, we can see how scared a dog feels when it doesn't have a loving family to take care of it.



Organizations that My Name is Charlie donates to:

Paws Place Dog Rescue:

Southport/ Oak Island Animal Rescue (SOAR):

Waccamaw Animal Rescue Missoin (WARM):